Thursday, 10 May 2012

Are Ahmadis / Qadianis brainwashed?

One of the sly tactics that has been employed throughout history to defame people is to associate their arguments with certain dismissive catchphrases. For example, in modern times some people have tried to associate the word 'Islam' with 'terrorism' to distract the public from the truths and beauty of Islam. In the same way, some anti-Ahmadiyya groups, knowing they can never compete with Ahmadi Muslims in debate, resort to the same tactics and instead try to dismiss Ahmadi Muslims as 'brainwashed' etc. Today we are delighted to present the work of our site's newest contributor, The Iron Man (another young Ahmadi Muslim student) who will tackle exactly this allegation:


One of the many aspects of anti-Ahmadi websites is that they refer to Ahmadi Muslims as brainwashed. Generally this is just one of their ways to show jealousy and doesn’t affect anyone really. Just like they call us kafir, murtad, wajib-ul-qatl, cult, etc, it is another label to satisfy non-Ahmadis thinking they are doing God’s work or propagating the religion.  

In-reality, Ahmadi Muslims are far from brainwashed. We believe in interfaith harmony. Read: respect for all religions, no religion is ‘wajib-ul-qatal’ (hard concept for some anti-ahmadi extremists to grasp, I know...). How can we believe in inter-faith harmony if we have not researched various faiths? Starting with our own faith, we have researched different sects extensively as well. Unlike anti-Ahmadis who find various items to criticize in every faith, we find commonalities. We hold various interfaith symposia where teachings of various faiths, including aboriginal & atheism are discussed. Some non-Ahmadi just got up and said “We do that as well, what makes you so special?” I agree, you do that as well except it turns into ‘let’s-bash-the-other-faith-event.’ How can we learn about various faiths in a harmonious manner while being brainwashed?

Even Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (Fourth Khalifa of Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) has written many books on various religions. Any Ahmadi that reads them is learning about various faiths. Yet Ahmadi’s are called ‘brainwashed.’ There are countless books by our Khulafa that do a non-bias analysis on difference between Ahmadi’s and Non-Ahmadis. How can Ahmadi’s be brainwashed when they read these?

You have judged us so harshly and unfairly, perhaps we should judge you now. Many times when discussions with non-Ahmadi Muslims occur, they present countless websites, books, videos. I don’t know of any Ahmadi that backs away and doesn’t see the video. Hence, we are willing to learn more all the time. If Ahmadi’s present a video, book, or website, how many anti-Ahmadi’s say we don’t believe in Ahmadiyyat so why would we read any material from them? What a double standard. We are expected to read all the filth you post and respond to it and you can’t even read or view one thing we send? That’s called brainwashed.

Whenever an Ahmadi is martyred, response from anti-ahmadi website is there must have been a major conspiracy behind the whole event. Whenever Ahmadi Muslims distribute flyers of peace, they are ‘kissing up to the west.’ Whenever a new show starts on MTA, it is apparently a copy of a show on ‘Islamic’ tv channels (on that note, how is that working out for you? 24 hour no-commercial worldwide tv channel, yet to see that from a so-called Ummah of 1.5Billion). Whenever a Shia Muslim is martyred, Ahmadi Muslims don’t think there was a conspiracy from the shia community. Yet we are still called brainwashed.

You present us out-of-context quotes,  Ahmadi Muslims respond and suddenly Ahmadi’s get labeled as brainwashed. Your final argument is entire ummah got together, unified (for the first time in centuries) to declare Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims. Great achievement. Even so, senior members of the PPP government that made the decision are now admitting on record that it was purely political and had nothing to do with religion. Yet you still call us brainwashed? Admin's Note: A youtube interview of this admission is available here. Sadly we were unable to find an English translation and most of the interview is conducted in Urdu.

I will leave with a prayer that May Allah enable you to realize who is actually brainwashed. May Allah enable you to understand the history of Ahmadiyyat and its countless services to Islam.  May Allah enable you to realize being behind a Khalifa makes one part of a true Ummah. 
*This blog is completely unofficial and in no way represents Islam Ahmadiyya or the views of anyone except the author themself.*


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  2. This is so true, engaging, and though-provoking. MashAllah, great work.

  3. great Article!

  4. Batman, you are scared for no reason she is just a girl.

  5. Iron Man, Well done, Khilafat zinda bad! Ahmadiyyat zinda bad!

  6. Assalamo Alikum

    Very well written brother and very engaging. I really liked your point about MTA being a global channel and the pathetic Non Ahmadis can't get together, never mind 1.5bn - not even the 2 million in UK can get together to start something which can rival MTA. Many of these so called Islamic channels are simply showing anti Ahmadiyya programs because it increases their viewers which means more advertising revenue, when you watch such channel it is so obvious that this is what they are doing. I would not be surprised at all if Khatmay Nabuwat or Shahid Kamal gets a slot on some Islamic channel and start spewing out his garbage on it. These so called Muslims are no different from those atheist who (naozubillah min zalik) burn and step on Holy Quran simply because it increases their subscriber numbers.

    We have all seen this time and time again I have seen Mullas on such channel present that case against us Ahmadis using same old tactics, quoting out of context etc etc and when Ahmadis call in and slap them with answers the Mullas try to discredits them by saying that Ahmadis don’t know Arabic and that their translation is wrong or that the particular argument Ahmadis are bringing up has already been dealt with in some other programme more often than not the phone lines are simply cut off.
    Shahabe Saqib

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  8. @ All

    Sorry my comment @ 09:55 should be as follows

    @ Anon 06:58

    "Batman, you are scared for no reason she is just a girl."

    Would you say you are a nafsiati mareez? or a baygharto? or both?

    My apologies to my Ahmadi brother / sister

    Shahbe Saqib

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  10. @Saqib

    You are scared...

  11. “how many anti-Ahmadi’s say we don’t believe in Ahmadiyyat so why would we read any material from them? What a double standard. We are expected to read all the filth you post and respond to it and you can’t even read or view one thing we send? That’s called brainwashed”

    I am not so sure if you can call refusing to read / view videos as brainwashed – I think it could simply be called “avoiding time wasting”

    Why would anyone read an argument which may make sense but goes against their understanding of basics and fundamentals of their beliefs? Of course those who have inquisitive minds might try and reconcile and address the mismatch which that particular sensible argument makes with their understanding of basic fundamentals. But who has time for that these days? And what need is there to do so? Does Islam solve current economic crises – nope it will simply say “told you not to indulge in interest yada yada yada” Islam and Muslims are spectators and that’s all they are.

    To summarize, qadiani arguments may be logical but they are against the logic which sunnis believe and that is because of differences in interpretations and that is the fault of the publisher or the author or both.

    Qadians can only increase their numbers by organic growth it would be wise to concentrate on looking after the home-grown produce rather than wasting your energies acquiring new converts. And I guess this is exactly what is going on in the UK subsidiary of Qadianis, tabligh is dead, all that hype about the bus campaign – what is the net result? All this time and energy wasted in the leaflet campaign when these things just serve as fillers during speeches and sermons and at some jalsa the senior management will very proudly announce that “yes we have sent message of Islam to 10% of the UK population” and the man on the microphone will go into a frenzy shouting about “lee flut come-pain-a” and the audience will respond saying “Zindabad” but there will be no evidence of any sort of return on this activity and nor will the management will think it is essential to talk about the results because let’s face it religious organizations like qadianiat are ran like large multi nationals their objectives are same too – increase in revenue (chanda), share price (brand, saved sect etc), market share (converts) and cost control but these goals are not achievable because ever since there has been an increase in knowledge through education and scientific discovers and technological advances which have made man more aware of its abilities to achieve self-sufficiency as oppose to begging on a prayer mat.

  12. Ah Penguin, my old adversary, we meet again...

    Nothing's going to top that last sentence of mine, so I'll leave it at that...

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  14. @Comments removed above,

    Shahabe Saqib emailed and asked me to remove his as he had accidentally pasted something completely against his meaning. Penguin himself has removed his own comment.

  15. @Batman
    You have ten questions I have only one.

    Why are you so scared?

  16. @ Anon 14:53

    I have one question for you

    Which one of us is a nafsiati mareez (me or you?)

  17. @anon 14:53 change the record!

  18. @anon 14:53 You can whine, whimper, cry like a baby, but the Batman ain't gonna tell you who he is!
    why are you so obsessed with him?
    are you lonely????

  19. Batman is afraid of a girl LOL

  20. Islam Ahmadiyyat zinda bad!

  21. Taze Dhar (TD aka “Nafsiati Bagharto”) in U.K !!!!

    Not so long ago TD arrived in the UK to earn some money, he decided to become a 'handy-man' and started looking for some work.

    He goes to the front door of the nearest house and asks the owner, another Pakistani, if he had any odd jobs for him to do.

    "Well, you can paint my porch, how much will you charge?" the owner asks.

    TD responds, "How about £50?"

    The owner says "Fine, there's a can of brown paint and brushes in the garage."

    The owner's wife, inside the house, overhearing the conversation asks her husband, "Does he realize that the porch goes all around the house? That's a whole day's job."

    The man replies, "He should; he was standing on it. Do you think he's dumb?"

    "No, I don't think so. I guess I'm just influenced by those stupid mulla e-mail jokes we keep receiving."

    A short time later, TD comes to the door and asks for the £50.

    "You've finished already?" the husband asks.

    "Yes," replies TD, "and there was paint left over, so I gave it two coats."

    Impressed, the man reaches into his pocket for the money and hands it to him.

    "And by the way," TD adds,
    "it's not a 'Porch', it's a 'BMW.'.." !!!

    Shahabe Saqib

  22. Just giving everyone insight into how Mr Taze Dhar ended up in the hands of Khatmay Nabuwat.

    This is just a joke TD Sahib, if you want I am happy to request Batman to delete it. Hope you see the funny side.

    Shahabe Saqib

  23. @Saqib
    Where are TD comments?

    You don't hide your name why Batman is so scared?

  24. @ Anon 16:08

    You will have to give reasons why you are so desperate to find out who he is. None of the other commenters care who he is.

    So far you have not given any valid reasons.

    Why don't you ask cult girl to do some snooping, eavesdrop, steel some documents, hack into computers etc etc and come up with possible ID matches or actually just make stuff up – that is more her style.
    But I think she will decline, she is somewhat busy these days......

    Shahabe Saqib

  25. I believe he is afraid of Cult Girl i just want to confirm.

  26. Ahmadiyyat zindabad!

  27. Iron Man's article is worth reading and has alot of depth and logical analysis, mashAllah. It is also a heartfelt plea to those who are part of the Anti Ahmadiyya group to come to their senses and to adopt a fair and reasonable stance,that is more appropriate for those who are followers of the Seal of the Prophets, the Chosen One, the Mercy for Mankind, the Prince of Peace, the most Holy and final law bearing Prophet Mohammad Mustafa sallalaho alaihe wassalam

  28. @ Peace

    Final! Tell me do we really need it??

    What need is there for God related things, like "final law" when we have money to buy whatever it is that we “need” and interestingly it is the funds provided by the subjects or governments, be it in the form of chanda or zakat or subsidy which seem to be running all God related institutes and this is a major flaw in probably all religious organizations that they discourage material pursuits yet rely solely on donations and though people happily or unhappily give to these organizations – until religious organizations become self-sufficient ordinary people will NEVER UNDERSTAND why is it that they need “a God” for their existence when it is a fact of our lives that God related institutes only exist on funds provided by people.

    Could religion be the biggest on-going fraud man has ever endured? At least Bernard Madoff gave some sort of return on investments people made in his company which reduced the net loss of those investors. What kind return does religion give you? Does it promote harmony between believers and people of other beliefs or no beliefs – clearly not, it never has and never will.

    Could we even say that Jesus, Mohammad, Moses can stand alongside people like Bernard Madoff - probably not because Bernard Madoff got caught.

    Every time a religion establishes itself a new one comes along and the struggle of the new comers against the old timers starts all over again whilst the struggle in-between the old timers have not even finished yet and thus ever since the dawn of religion man has been encumbered with this cumulative struggle which is driven by the impossible and unachievable and frankly pointless aim “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE RELIGION” and the rate of this struggle is often propelled with catalyst of hate.

    Generally speaking a child needs its parents to survive, a grown up needs employment or a business venture to survive, it is a simple equation made complicated by religious organisations who try to insert God into this equation.

    Most ordinary people can see this and they make their lives easier by simply inserting God in the equation only when they visit a mosque / church / qadiani temple whatever.

    Live and let live people, stop making things so complicated. If tomorrow Israeli and Palestinians wake up and by some event they have all forgotten that they were Jewish or Muslims they will wonder why such tall walls exists between the two and they will question why are we fighting!!!

  29. masha'Allah to the Iron Man for producing this article.

  30. @Iron Man's article is worth reading and has alot of depth and logical analysis...

    You have so many impressive articles in this site. Why don't you email your impressive work to all PMs.

    Why are you so scared.

  31. Penguine...the man who finds religion too hard to follow...

  32. PENGUIN as an atheist why do you refer to our mosques as a qadiani temple?

  33. @Penguin

    The worlds most devastative, destructive wars was solely due to political atheistic ideologies. It is so easy for you to ignore that. Under the historical context it is very easy to blame religion on so called religious wars simply because of the predominance of faith and religion. But what if this was not the case and religion was not dominant? In my opinion there would have been far more racio-political wars. Yes, I have no evidence to verify that, but nor do you have any evidence that a religious based society is worse than a society based solely on atheism.
    The only way to judge therefore is via scripture and religious scriptures are highly supportive of integration, understanding of other faiths etc. As was pointed out in a Ahmadiyya Islam debate at UCL,would you blame the car or the driver for an accident? Clearly the driver who misuses the car. Similarly you don't blame religion for the bad doings of its following.

    To me its soooo clear.

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  37. Live and let live people, stop making things so complicated. If tomorrow Israeli and Palestinians wake up and by some event they have all forgotten that they were Jewish or Muslims they will wonder why such tall walls exists between the two and they will question why are we fighting!!!
    Yeaah... right penguin, like u said.
    I think u don't have to wste u'r time to bother the Ahmadiyya Muslims, maybe someday u will question u'r self what am I doing???


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